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MED Baggage Claim

Currently part time AVSEC Sub to TranSecure, Inc. for NSSA on a PARAS access control program.

(Pictured: Medina Baggage Claim)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (27 Airports). We just wrapped up this program for 2017/2018

For 2017/2018 the bulk of our work was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) until September of this year working on the National Project for Integrated Security and Protection of Airports (NPISPA).  

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a growing economy that is actively expanding commerce, research & development, infrastructure, and almost every aspect of the economy.  From the world's tallest building under construction in Jeddah, to new passenger terminals being planned for 12 of the country's 27 airports. The New terminal in Jeddah is an amazing structure that incorporates advanced technologies and state of the art designs all wrapped in one of the most beautiful terminals ever built.  If you have the luxury of great resources, this is what you build.  The Vision 2030 program seeks to modernize KSA and is very popular with the country’s youth, which is significant with 70% of the citizens being under the age of 30.  

AVSEC Consultants, LLC was contracted in 2017 as a primary security operations consultant by TranSecure in the USA and Electronic Speciality Equipment (ESE) Co. in Saudi Arabia, where AVSEC is charged with assessment and review of all passenger security operations to include facilities and equipment designs for all operations.  AVSEC addressed Passenger Security Screening Checkpoint (SSCP) and hold cargo Checked Baggage Inspection System (CBIS) operations at all KSA airports to meet the kingdom’s goals over the next few years.

On Site Work - beginning in January 2018

iinsut S Beginning in January 2018 AVSEC Consultants was tasked with conducting site surveys of the existing condition of airport security beginning in Riyadh.  Site visits were conducted at all airports in KSA, except for the three most southern smaller airports.  Over the next several months those surveys became the basis for AVSEC to write tenders for KSA’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to bring their airport's security to world class standards.  Those tenders were completed in August and turned over to Electronic Special equipment (ESE) Co. as the prime contractor through Transecure the subcontractor that turned to AVSEC Consultants for guidance and Subject Matter Expertise (SME) services.  Now completed, these tenders will bring KSA into full ICAO Annex 17 compliance.  Mr. Salmen was the lead for the team writing the tenders and supporting documents for the security operations for all KSA airport under the ESE/Transecure contract.  

In January 2018, Mr. Salmen was asked to expand his role in KSA to include CCTV programs as a backup to Paresh Borkar of IntrudX Security Solutions, LLC, of South Carolina; the SME for CCTV and Network Engineering programs. 

In March 2018 Mr. Salmen was asked to expand his role and assist a newly founded KSA government agency (The New Security Agency) that will bring European and American style management practices and structures to KSA aviation operations.  This then coincides with KSA’s plans for privatization of KSA Airports and their streamlined operations goals to meet the coming need faced from tourism.  

An increasingly important element of all TSE and computer-based programs where digital electronic is involved is the use of surge suppression technology.  In the NPISPA project these were fully developed for GACA, however we believe they were not included in the final deliverable.  AVSEC Consultants will always develop this aspect of our projects, as scientific data shows strong benefits from their properly designed integrations to all electronic equipment.  We are happy to provide documentation on the benefits of properly designed surge suppression programs and projects that have included them. 

Detailed recommendations for maintenance programs and for training for security employees was provided to the prime contractor ESE and sub Transecure that addresses workforce and mission support areas.  

An additional recommendation was made after analysis of general operations developed useful data that addresses management of security operations, and that remains on the table to GACA.

Project Deliverables

The  final tenders produced follow MasterSpec formats and provided technical specifications for all Transportation Security equipment (TSE) for SSCP and CBIS installations and the operations thereof.  

Of note on this project was the lack of relevant MasterSpec documentation available from the authoring committees regarding SSCP/CBIS projects.  Many projects have been processed where MasterSpec components were created as one-off efforts to meet that project’s specific needs, but no attempts to revise the MasterSpec program and recommend reasonable revisions could be found officially or in research of individual projects.  Mr. Salmen wrote an exhaustive MasterSpec revision for submittal to the American Institute of Architects, as the governing body.  To date there is no update on that process, however movement is historically slow.  Due to the complexity of the revision and a short delivery suspense ESE/Transecure used a significantly truncated versions of the MasterSpec recommendations for their product deliverable to GACA.  

The NPISPA program’s deliverable products resulted in thousands of pages of detailed recommendations, and the important executive summaries.  

AVSEC Consultants wrote the complete tender sections for Passenger screening programs as well as the baggage screening operations programs for Transecure's deliverable to GACA.  

Now that is finished, and we are looking for the next round of security analysis needs.  Give us a call!

AVSEC currently has time for your project

27 airports in one country in one year is a lot!  But we rested for the past month and now we want to help you.  (actually, we attended IAIA CENAM Aviation Day in San Jose, Costa Rica.  We also were at our professional association, ASIS International’s GSX Annual Meeting in Las Vegas in September)

FAQs - If you were ever interested in what KSA is like?

Working in KSA is safe, and for Americans it is not far off from being home... sans religion. Almost every store and food chain seem to be present in KSA.  Many people speak English and the locals are very friendly and helpful. Be on your manners and you will find life in KSA is easy and the colleagues are hardworking and professional.  There is more building construction ongoing in KSA than you can imagine… big projects abound, and it is clear they are working to build a new model for their economy for the future.  The scene around KSA is something like China ten or twenty years ago.  Most western expat workers live in Bahrain and commute to KSA, which gives them a personal life similar to home, sans the climate!

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